Native American Preservation Association of Georgia

Our preservation plan


We have been working for years on a preservation plan. The members of our organization joined forces with other organizations to create a plant that will protect the Native American cultural heritage and language. So far, the most significant success we achieved with younger generations. They realized they need to carry out the Native American culture and language.

Our preservation plan consists of a couple of steps:

  • Organizing events which will educate the broader public about Native American culture
  • Incorporating Native American language into public schools
  • Teaching younger generations about Native American skills and customs
  • Encouraging historical research of North West Georgia

Our Goals


Our organization has a couple of goals which are essential for the entire Native American culture:

  • Protecting the cultural heritage
  • Preserving a language
  • Locating important historical sites
  • Promoting a Native American culture
  • Establishing guidelines for further research
  • Displaying the Native American art, crafts and preserving traditional techniques and skills

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