Four Things We Need To Learn About Native American’s Value

Value and integrity have the two most important things for Native Americans. But, when colonization forced its way onto this land, dishonesty and tertiary overpowered these territories. Modern cultures and mainstream Americans are aware of the things that took place in the past, but they don’t where everything went wrong. Here is a couple of things people need to understand and respect about Native Americans.


Honesty and integrity

There have been 500 treaties between Native Americans and the United States, and none of them have been thoroughly honored. History has shown that back then, Native Nations couldn’t even imagine such trickery. Nowadays, oil companies are trying to take over the lands with pipelines, fracking and uranium mining.

In this case, Americans need to take some responsibility for their actions, not only towards the Native Americans but with the entire world.

Having different values

In today’s world, the most financially paying jobs are offered to people in power. But, for people who work to improve our society, the salary is lesser. Instead of seeking power, Native Americans do what is best for their tribe. Self-serving actions are despised, and success, wealth and richness are not measured by money. In this case, we see a tremendous difference between modern Americans and Native Americans.

Kindship and connection between all beings

How would relationships change if all people saw each other as relatives? In this case, would trust and honesty increase, would business include a mutual feeling of love and respect? Unfortunately, Americans only respect the position of power, while Native American respect the natural power.


It comes from wisdom and knowledge that elders passed away. Some Americans are beginning to realize this, but the majority of them have no interest in protecting the weaker because they don’t respect the people.

Natural law

People in America don’t understand the meaning of life, that’s why they are buying so many books and fighting with depression. To overcome this condition, they need to understand the world spiritually. Native Americans have found their spiritual way, which gives meaning to life.